Finding the Right Job

Is the job search becoming frustrating? Is the pressure from friends who landed their dream job getting to you?

Here are a few helpful tips to find the job that is right for you:

  • First, be sure of what you want, before going job hunting you must first be clear of what job title you are looking for.
  • Research the companies – Doing checks on the company is always helpful as it gives you an insight into the daily operations of the company along with the culture, that way you can tell whether the company is the right fit for you.
  • Analyse your skills – Often times when looking at the skills you possess versus the requirements for the job it can be clear whether you will succeed in the role or not.
  • Focus on your experience – Along with analysing your skills, do the same with your experience to ensure the work you would have done in the past perfectly matches the jobs you are looking at.
  • Do not limit yourself to online applications – In today’s era where job applications can easily be sent online, many people depend on these to land jobs, however, even though it is easier, this option should be used in conjunction with applying in person. There are a lot of companies that still prefer persons to come in to apply, even though this might seem like more work, take the initiative and get off of your computer every once in a while and drop in a few applications in person. (Who knows, you might even be interviewed on the spot).
  • Utilize networks – Contacts are important during your job search, as jobs are often filled without advertising. Do not shy away from reaching out to persons on LinkedIn as people are often times aware of possible vacancies before they are made public.
  • This one is especially important, RELAX! Don’t beat yourself up when the search becomes exhausting or because success isn’t coming along as quickly as you had expected. You don’t wanna rush and end up doing a job you hate. Keep in mind that when the right opportunity comes it will be all yours and the wait will be worth it.